Say What You Will | MASARY

Your voice is a piece of art.

‘Say What You Will’ is a large-scale public interactive artwork composed of sculptural sails and kiosks. The public is invited to interact with the artwork by speaking into each glowing kiosk. It could be a story, a phrase, a love note, or a frustration. The artwork takes the audio submission and transforms it into an abstract visual expression projected onto an adjacent sail.

Each user is invited to approach a kiosk to speak into it. The piece starts recording once a user steps onto the base of the kiosk and stops recording when one steps off. The kiosks change brightness and color to give real time feedback of a recording session.

Shortly after a user steps off, the projected image on an adjacent sail is activated by that recording with its movement starting on the tall side of the sails and cascading towards the tip. Recordings are maximum 20 seconds and their resulting projection continues to move and develop past that duration, mixing with a previous expression or lingering on its own.

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